Business Practice: The primary focus of Action Law Center's practice is helping small business owners.

Draft, negotatiate and review contracts and corporate policies and procedures, for services, suppliers, landlord/tenant, real estate, and overall business operations.
Employment law, hiring and termination procedures, employment practices, noncompete/disclosure agreements, recordkeeping
Trademark, tradename,copyright, non-disclosure, licensing
E-Commerce, service and product delivery methods
Business planning, succession planning, estate planning, ownership structure
Business sale and purchase due diligence and documentation
Agent for Service/Corporate records maintenance
Regulatory compliance and administrative law representation
Commerical litigation and small claims
Dispute Resolution services, mediation/arbitration
Risk Management/General Busines and Insurance Advice
Assist in the creation and formation of corporations, LLC's, parterships, trust arrangements, and in the election of tax status for any such entity formed.
Real Estate, personal and commercial
Advise and counsel on compliance with laws, regulations, administrative orders, and other directives of a regulatory or governmental oversight authority origination.
Please contact me with any legal issues you may have and I will give you my best guidance in each instance.  
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