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Spousal Support in Edwardsville, IL

When two people divorce, they may sue for spousal support if they were made to rely on their former spouse for survival. In some cases, alimony is inevitable. If one person in the marriage worked while the other stayed home to raise the children, they relied completely on their partner who took care of their basic needs.

Understanding why a person would sue for support after dissolving a marriage is important. It also allows you to see the different types of support awarded by the court. That way, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you can request the right type of financial assistance needed to thrive.

The different types of spousal support in Edwardsville, IL are mentioned below. Each is a form of alimony paid by the former spouse to another. It is not the same as child support.

There is Temporary Alimony, Fixed-Term Alimony, and Permanent or Infinite Alimony. The terms and conditions of each are determined by a case-by-case scenario.

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Temporary Alimony

This type of spousal support helps see one spouse through divorce proceedings by providing them with enough support to leave their current household and seek housing of their own. Filing for this type is highly recommended at the start of any mention of a divorce. It gives the person without income a chance to get back on their own two feet without issue.

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Fixed-Term Alimony

Alimony paid out over a fixed term in an attempt to make the other person financially independent is referred to as Fixed-Term Alimony. Individuals who gave up a career to raise children or went to school and relied fully on their spouse for support can receive help for a pre-determined amount of time. This allows them to do what it takes to start a new career, receive additional training, or take a job that helps them pay for their living expenses.

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Permanent or Infinite Alimony

This type of spousal support is paid out throughout the lifetime of the person suing for support. The alimony is permanent, meaning it cannot be taken away. It’s a form of income that the party involved can use however they see fit. If a marriage lasting 20 years or longer ends in divorce, this type of alimony is commonplace.

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Work with a Lawyer to Get the Support That You Deserve

Now that you know which types of spousal support exist in Edwardsville, you can proceed with your divorce proceedings with greater knowledge. You can discuss with your lawyer the type of support you want to pursue. You’ll understand what makes the judge side in your favor concerning the monetary compensation you seek.