the adoption process in alton illinois

Adoption: Who can Adopt a Child in Illinois?

State laws administer the adoption process in Illinois, including all the rules of who may adopt. According to Illinois Family Laws in regards to adoption, any child or adult living in the adoptive home for at least two years and any other relative is eligible for adoption.

What is Adoption?

adopting a child in alton illinois

Adopting a child is the process that gives you the rights and the responsibility of a child as a legal parent. A child can be given out for adoption immediately after birth and will become the legal child of the adopting parents if the birth parents do not change their minds within 72 hours of birth. However, if they have been separated for at least one year, then this will not apply. It is a permanent decision, and you are involved in the life of the child, such as making decisions on his or her behalf, be responsible for their right to health care. It is essential to consult an adoption lawyer in Alton, IL, who will guide you in the adoption process.

Who can adopt?

Relatives can adopt

Adoption can be done through kinship. Here, one or both parents may be related to the adoptee. It is much easier to adopt through this process. For instance, a step-parent is willing to be the legal parent of the legal child of the spouse.

Private or public agencies

Legal parents or the court can give rights of adoption to a licensed private or public agency, and this can place the child to adopting parents.

Stand-in parents

A legal parent can agree with someone else to adopt their child if he or she is expecting to die or is terminally ill. However, this must be disclosed to a court of law.

Residing in Illinois

Any adoptive parent in Alton, IL, must have resided in the state for six months. However, there may be an exemption when a court of law can waive this requirement. If serving in the army, they must have lived in Illinois for 90 days.

Spouse involvement

There is no law barring single people from adopting. However, in the case of marriage, the spouse must be included in the petition.

Petition by a minor

A minor can petition through a leave of court if there is evidence of good cause.

Legal disability

A person should not have a legal disability; however, physical disability such as blindness may not be a valid reason not to adapt.

Good reputation

A person must be of good repute and not convicted under federal laws.

International adoption

If you have adopted a child in another country, there will be no need to file for another adoption in Illinois. However, if you file in Illinois, you can have access to US adoption papers.