• Alton, IL Divorce: How Long Does it Take?

    The Length of A Divorce Process Divorce can, at times be so emotionally draining. The duration taken to complete the process in Alton, Illinois is greatly influenced by whether the divorce is contested or not. Whereas an uncontested divorce could take less time, a contested divorce could drag on for years. In determining the duration of a divorce, the issues surrounding it must be resolved, and [...]

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    Some Common Divorce Concerns in Glen Carbon, IL

    Concerns Involving the Divorce Process Coming to the realization that your marriage is ending is a huge shock for many people. The talk of divorce means that you are going to be thrust into the midst of a divorce case that will result in you starting your life anew. There are many concerns that people in Glen Carbon, Illinois might have when they are in this position. Methods of resolution Many[...]

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    Filing Divorce Papers in Granite City, IL

    Filing Divorce in Illinois Whether you call it "divorce" or "dissolution of marriage," ending a marriage is a stressful endeavor. In Illinois, there are two types of divorces: fault-based and no-fault. The first step in the process of filing divorce papers is to determine which type of divorce you should file. No-Fault Divorce The majority of Illinois divorces are no-fault. This type of divorce[...]

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