• Glen Carbon, Illinois: Contested or Uncontested Divorce

    Is a Contested or Uncontested Divorce Right for You in Glen Carbon, IL? In the public's imagination, divorce proceedings are associated with bitter and vitriolic court battles over custody of the children, house ownership, and alimony payments. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, only about five percent of modern divorces involve acrimonious court battles. Therefore, a vast majority of [...]

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    Filing For Visitation Rights in Maryville, Illinois

    Who can file for Visitation Rights in Maryville, IL? In Maryville, IL, family law guarantees to give both parents equal rights when it comes to matters pertaining to a child. In most cases, when parents are divorcing or separating, children are often left to the mercies of a judge to decide which parent should get their custody. The parent who does not get child custody also gets an opportunity [...]

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    Learn About Process of Adopting in Alton, Illinois

    Adoption: Who can Adopt a Child in Illinois? State laws administer the adoption process in Illinois, including all the rules of who may adopt. According to Illinois Family Laws in regards to adoption, any child or adult living in the adoptive home for at least two years and any other relative is eligible for adoption. What is Adoption? Adopting a child is the process that gives you the rights [...]

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