• What Circumstances can Allow Parents to End Child Support?

    Child Support in Highland, Illinois If you are an Illinois parent paying or receiving child support, you may wonder under what circumstances support payment obligations end under the law. In the state of Illinois, parents are legally required to support their children until they reach the age of 18. When a child turns 18, the state considers the child to be an adult. However, in some situations, [...]

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    What Determines Fair Child Support in Troy, Illinois?

    Factors to Determine Fair Child Support in Troy, Illinois After a divorce or separation, determining the contribution of each parent to their child support can be a contentious issue. Families are different, and their situations may differ. Due to this, various factors may be considered in ensuring fairness when arriving at an appropriate method of calculating child support. Below are the [...]

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    How is Parenting Time and Responsibility Determined for Unwed Fathers?

    Parental Rights Do unmarried fathers have parental rights? Below, we take a look at the rights of unwed fathers in Maryville, Illinois, and how the parenting time and responsibility are determined. We look at how paternity is established, and the rights of a father determined after that under the family law. Let's dive in. How is paternity established in Illinois? If a child is born out of [...]

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