• Overview for Filing for Divorce in Collinsville, IL

    The Process of Divorce Settlements Filing for divorce in Illinois can get a bit complicated, depending on your circumstances and whether there are children involved. Although most folks need to work with a competent attorney in order to make sure the process goes off as smoothly as possible, this overview of the divorce process can help you understand what to expect. Meeting Requirements for [...]

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    Maryville, IL Considerations Before Filing a Divorce

    Going through a divorce? Plan accordingly... A person who is considering divorce might have several questions that they need answers to before they head to the courthouse. It is imperative that you plan properly because divorce is a major upheaval in your life. Here are a few of the most important things that you might need to do when you are thinking about divorce. Where will you live? The[...]

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    Different Types of Spousal Support

    Spousal Support in Edwardsville, IL When two people divorce, they may sue for spousal support if they were made to rely on their former spouse for survival. In some cases, alimony is inevitable. If one person in the marriage worked while the other stayed home to raise the children, they relied completely on their partner who took care of their basic needs. Understanding why a person would sue [...]

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