• Business Formation and Litigation Law Firm in Collinsville Illinois

    Do you have a great business idea, but aren’t sure how to transition it into a profitable entity? You could also be a small business owner with concerns, looking for an attorney to help plan and secure your business’ future. Whatever the case, Action Law Center is here to help. Our law firm in Collinsville, Illinois, understands the challenges that all startup businesses and entrepreneurs face; we offer our experience and expertise to help you navigate through these difficult waters.

  • Establishing a Business in Illinois

    When you begin your business formation, the first and most important decision to make is the type of entity your business will be. The way that your business is structured during the business formation process affects your company’s future. If you already have an established business in Collinsville, Illinois, you can work with our attorneys to help restructure it in order to meet the shifting needs of the company. Our small business attorneys at our law firm have the knowledge and experience to help.

  • There are various factors that help determine which business entity is ideal for you, including the owner of the company, who will be running it, whether there are outside shareholders, and where and with whom you conduct business. There are advantages and disadvantages to each entity. Our attorneys help you decide what is best for your business and your current financial state. Action Law Center has trusted, reliable, and experienced business attorneys that offer guidance and representation in the establishment of:

    • Sole Proprietorships
    • Partnerships and Limited
      Liability Partnerships
    • Corporations, Including
      S-Corporations and C-Corporations
    • Limited Liability Companies
  • Business Litigation Attorneys Collinsville IL

    Action Law Center seeks to provide businesses with effective and practical resolutions to disputes that could result in courtroom hearings. We have small business attorneys that understand the importance of your commercial investment and we use our expertise to keep it protected, working diligently for your business dealing with matters such as:

    • Claims regarding business practices
    • Commercial lease disputes
    • Purchase order and sales disputes
    • Mergers & acquisitions
    • Contracts and breach of contract issues
    • Non-disclosure, non-compete agreements
  • Utilizing our background, expertise, and knowledge of the law, we are more than equipped to help you with your most complex business issues. While we strive to find creative resolutions that are in our client’s best interests, we are not afraid to take it to the courtroom, if necessary.

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    If you wish to start a business or restructure your current one in Collinsville, Illinois, contact our law firm. Action Law Center provides attorney representation to help your business litigation in any way, including simplifying your taxes, constituting a privacy policy for your e-commerce site, and legally protecting your business.

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