What is in an Estate Plan in Collinsville, IL

Estate Plan

While creating an estate plan in Collinsville, IL can be a difficult process, hiring a qualified and experienced lawyer to assist you can make the process all the easier. Here is what you need to know about estate planning and what goes into making one. Living/Last Wills and Testaments A living will allow you to […]

Contract Breach Remedies Granite City, IL

contract breach granite city il

We understand the importance of your small and medium-sized Granite City, IL business. Businesses of these sizes are often seen as the backbone of the entire economy. Such companies tend to rely on several different business contracts and agreements. Contracts allow you to formally establish, buy, or sell loan terms, employment partnerships, and sell agreements, […]

Why You Should Have An Exit Strategy From Your Edwardsville, IL Business

Exit Strategy

If you know that you will not be able to continue running your Edwardsville, IL business, you need to make sure that you develop an exit strategy. No matter your age, health status, or love of your work, you must be ready to step away from day-to-day operations eventually. Three Possible Exit Strategies When thinking […]

What Happens After You File for Bankruptcy in Pontoon Beach, IL?

Business Law

Once you have made the decision to file for bankruptcy, you wonder what the next steps are that you should be taking. At Action Law Center, we can help Pontoon Beach, IL residents with the aftermath and comprehending what bankruptcy means for you.   After You File Bankruptcy The first step is to hire a […]

Common Lawsuits That Affect Small Businesses in Maryville, IL


Having lawsuits brought against your local Maryville, IL small business can result in serious damage to your business’s reputation and crippling legal fees. A great way to avoid being the subject of a lawsuit is to take the steps in order to ensure that your business is compliant with current federal and state laws. As […]

Complex Estates & The Risks of DIY Estate Planning in Glen Carbon, IL

Estate Planning

We know how much people today in Glen Carbon, IL enjoy doing things themselves. Whether it’s remodeling a bathroom or writing a book, people tend to like to learn how to do things and try them on their own. However, things like your estate planning should not be done by yourself.  There are many reasons […]

How Filing for Bankruptcy Affects Estate Plans in Collinsville, IL

Estate Planning

A person in may find that debts are becoming overwhelming, which leaves them with no other choice but to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy allows for an individual to find relief from a large number of debts and enjoy a fresh start. However, if you file for bankruptcy in the Collinsville, IL this can affect your […]

When Is It Time To File For Bankruptcy In Granite City, IL?


There are some instances in life that leave people in the Granite City, IL area with a tight financial spot. If your job’s pay is low, budgeting has failed, or the work of a new payment plan is just not settling in right, debt can be extremely hard to bear. While you may be getting […]

Estate Planning and Death Delaying Medical Procedures in Edwardsville, IL

Estate Planning

Estate planning is something that commonly occurs in the Edwardsville, IL area. What many might not know is that estate planning includes more than just creating one’s will to figure out your method of what to do with their valuables after they have passed on. Estate Planning also deals with different future medical decisions that […]

Glen Carbon, Illinois: Contested or Uncontested Divorce

uncontested divorce vs contested divorce glen carbon illinois

Is a Contested or Uncontested Divorce Right for You in Glen Carbon, IL? In the public’s imagination, divorce proceedings are associated with bitter and vitriolic court battles over custody of the children, house ownership, and alimony payments. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, only about five percent of modern divorces involve acrimonious […]