• Child Custody and Child Support Near Edwardsville Illinois

    Divorce proceedings that involve minor children almost always have complications with establishing child support and child custody. However, having an experienced attorney who understands your situation is best, as these cases are highly contested and it is often difficult to reach agreements.

    Under Illinois law, deciding the allocation of parental responsibilities and child support is determined by the best interests of the child.

  • How Child Support Is Calculated?

    In the state of Illinois, child support is determined with a formula that considers your net income and the number of children that qualify for child support. Depending on the number of kids, your child support obligation can range from 20 percent of your income to 50 percent. This is under the assumption that the parent receiving child support has primary custody. If you have a shared custody agreement, the spouse who earns the most income still pays child support, but at a lower amount.

  • However, as of July 2017, Illinois has made a change to the way they calculate child support. Now it is based on an income-sharing model that compiles parenting time, parental responsibilities, as well as the income of both parents. This was designed to better address a child's needs, while also bringing the financial income of both parents into account.

  • Allocate Parental Responsibilities

    Parental responsibilities include education, health, religion, and extra-curricular activities. The courts of Illinois have transitioned from terms like “custody” and “visitation” to avoid the confusion that parents “win” custody of their child. The state of Illinois doesn’t want there to be any winner or loser among these disputes because both parents have certain responsibilities. The court's sole focus is coming to a decision based on the best interests of the child.

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    The number one priority of our law firm regarding child support and child custody cases is the child’s best interests. If you feel your parental rights are being infringed upon, wish to seek a modification of a current settlement, or want to learn about your parental rights – contact Action Law Center today!