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Trusted, Reliable Traffic Ticket Attorney in Collinsville, Illinois

Drivers in the state of Illinois have two records: a public and a court record. Action Law Center offers legal services for people who have been cited with traffic violations. If you need a traffic ticket attorney in Collinsville, Illinois, our experienced traffic law attorneys can help. We have a legal team with extensive resources and experience with traffic courts who are committed to ensuring your traffic violation doesn’t surface on your public driving record.

Being found guilty of a traffic violation can result in higher insurance premiums or getting your license suspended; our traffic ticket attorneys help to prevent that!

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Have You Been Charged with a Traffic Offense?

Being convicted of a traffic offense can result in multiple negative consequences. For starters, your driver’s license may be suspended if the violation is severe. If found guilty, you may see an increase in your insurance premiums. As your traffic ticket attorney, Action Law Center advocates on your behalf, seeking the violation to be removed from your record, reduced, or agreed to an alternative – such as court supervision. Court supervision acts as a delayed judgment and, as a result, the violation won’t show up on your public record. This means that your license isn’t at risk of being suspended, nor will your insurance rates increase. Action Law Center can reopen previous traffic violations to vacate guilty pleas.

Action Law Center can represent you for traffic violations relating to:

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Drunk Driving Lawyer Collinsville, IL

If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Collinsville, Illinois, and you need experienced legal representation, contact Action Law Center. DUIs are serious charges, and the punishment can vary, depending on if it is your first offense. Penalties can include:

Even if it is your first offense, a DUI is a serious charge and you must understand that, regardless of your situation, prosecutors will argue for the maximum charge. If you have a prior record, it can influence your punishment, too. DUIs are taken seriously and handled with severity. Having an attorney that is experienced, reliable, and professional is the best thing for your defense.

Action Law Center has quality attorneys that offer reliable legal representation, allowing you to ease the stress a bit. We are well-versed on the law, understand your rights, and are committed to serving your best interests. Having an attorney can be the difference between serving time in jail and walking away with a minimal fine. While we never advocate for drinking and driving, we understand that people make mistakes – we are here to make sure you don’t have to pay too steep of a price for them.

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Whether you have been charged with a traffic violation, non-moving citation, or DUI, Action Law Center provides legal representation. We represent clients of all ages across Collinsville, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. Having an attorney can make a major difference in your sentencing. There is a certain legal process that must be followed properly; any misstep in that process can negatively influence your punishment. Don’t leave your future up to chance, contact Action Law Center for an experienced attorney.