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Trusted, Reliable Traffic Law & DUI Lawyers in Granite City, Illinois

Every driver in the state of Illinois has two driving records: public and court. If you have been charged with a traffic citation in Granite City, IllinoisAction Law Center offers legal counsel with several years of experience with DUI lawyers. Our team utilizes a list of extensive resources and their knowledge of traffic law to advocate in our clients’ best interests. Whether we can lessen the charge or have it completely removed from your public record, we fight for you in the courtroom.

Action Law Center helps prevent your insurance rates from climbing, getting your license suspended, and other consequences as a result of your traffic citations in Granite City, Illinois.

Have You Been Charged with a Traffic Offense?

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A guilty verdict of a traffic violation or non-moving violation can result in your license being revoked/suspended. Action Law Center advocates for our clients’ best interests. We work to have the violation dismissed, reduced, or resolved with a court-appointed alternative solution that results in a deferred judgment and is absent on your public record. If you are dealing with a traffic violation and want the help of an expert, Action Law Center is only a phone call away. We can help reduce your punishment and advocate for it being removed from your public record. We also reopen previous traffic violations to vacate guilty pleas.

Action Law Center can represent you for traffic violations relating to:

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Drunk Driving Lawyer Granite City, IL

If you need a DUI lawyer in Granite City, Illinois, contact Action Law Center. We offer legal counsel when you have been charged with driving under the influence. Driving under the influence is a serious crime and, depending on whether or not it is your first offense, the punishment can include:

While the penalty for DUIs can vary if it is your first offense – it’s a serious charge, nonetheless. It is the goal of a prosecutor to secure the maximum charge, regardless of your record. If you are charged with driving under the influence, don’t take on the charge alone. Having an experienced lawyer can be the difference between a fine or jail time.

Action Law Center has DUI lawyers who are more than capable of handling your defense for violations in Granite City, Illinois. We understand the laws, your rights, and are committed to advocating for your best interests. This can be a complex legal process and there are certain steps that must be taken. Otherwise, it can have an effect on your sentence. Retain a reliable attorney, like the ones at Action Law Center, to help you navigate the process and fight for the best result for you. Contact our legal office to schedule a consultation.

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Administrative Penalties for DUI

Action Law Center represents individuals of all ages dealing with traffic violations, non-moving violations, and driving under the influence charges in Granite City, Illinois. Whether you need a speeding ticket lawyer or legal counsel fighting a DUI charge, our attorneys have experience in the courtroom and a commitment to serve our clients’ best interests. For more information, contact our legal office to schedule a free consultation.