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Reliable Traffic Law, DUI & Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Pontoon Beach, Illinois

In the state of Illinois, drivers have two records: a public record and a court record. Action Law Center provides legal counsel for people in Pontoon Beach, Illinois, who have been charged with traffic violations. Whether you need a lawyer for a speeding ticket or a non-moving violation, we can help. We have extensive resources and experience practicing traffic law to ensure that your traffic violation doesn’t make its way on your public record.

We help to prevent your insurance rates from increasing, advocate to avoid the courts suspending your license, and help limit other consequences as a result of a traffic violation.

Have You Been Charged with a Traffic Offense?

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If you are found guilty of a traffic violation, it can result in your driver’s license getting suspended. Action Law Center can help you fight your ticket in order to have the charges dismissed, reduced, or result in court supervision instead of a conviction. Court supervision leads to a deferred judgment and a non-conviction; in other words, the incident won’t show up on your public driving record. As a result, you can avoid your driver’s license being suspended and it will have no effect on your insurance rates. Action Law Center can reopen previous traffic violations to vacate guilty pleas.

Action Law Center can represent you for traffic violations relating to:

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Drunk Driving Lawyer Pontoon Beach, Illinois

Action Law Center provides legal representation for people being charged with driving under the influence in Pontoon Beach, Illinois. A serious offense with consequences varying depending on whether it’s your first offense, DUI sentencing can include:

While the penalties can differ depending on the number of DUIs you have incurred, understand that it is a serious charge. A prosecutor’s goal is to advocate for the maximum charge, regardless if it is your first offense. Having a prior criminal record can also increase the consequences. DUIs are extremely serious and having an experienced attorney to advocate for your rights is necessary to get you the best result in court.

Hiring an attorney from Action Law Center allows you to breathe a little easier, knowing that someone with a deep understanding of the law is advocating for your best interests and helping you along the way through this complex legal process. There are certain steps that need to be taken, and improper procedures can magnify your consequences. Don’t leave your future up to chance; contact Action Law Center.

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Contact Your Local DUI Attorney in Pontoon Beach, Illinois

Action Law Center represents individuals of all ages in Pontoon Beach, Illinois, dealing with traffic violations, non-moving violations, and driving under the influence charges. Whether you need a speeding ticket lawyer or seasoned legal counsel fighting a DUI charge, our attorneys have experience in the courtroom and a commitment to serving our clients’ best interests. For more information, contact our legal office to schedule a free consultation.