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The Difficult Task of Contesting a Will in Alton, IL

contesting a will Alton, IL

Contesting a will in Alton, IL is a delicate and often emotionally charged process. It’s a situation no one anticipates, but when it arises, it’s crucial to be informed and prepared. In this blog post, we will discuss the most important things you should know about contesting a will to help you navigate this intricate […]

The Distinction between a Real Estate Agent and a Real Estate Attorney Wood River, IL

real estate attorney vs real estate agent Wood River IL

When navigating the complex world of real estate transactions, it’s important to understand the roles of different professionals involved. Specifically, real estate agents and real estate attorneys. While both are involved in real estate matters, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamental differences between their roles and responsibilities to make informed decisions during your real estate […]

The Effects Bankruptcy has on Inheritances and Estate Plans in Glen Carbon, IL

Business Law

Bankruptcy is something that affects thousands of Americans each year, including the residents of Glen Carbon, IL. It is a complicated process that has effects on many aspects of the lives of the people going through it. Many may be unaware of the effects that it has on inheritances and estate plans. Here we want […]

Do You Need A Will if You Have a Trust in Edwardsville, IL?

Estate Planning

You have probably been told how important it is to have a will in Edwardsville, IL. Having a will makes it easier for your family and friends to divide your assets in the event of your death.  If you have a trust, however, you may wonder if you absolutely need a will. While it is […]

Power of Attorney for Health Care and Living Wills Pontoon Beach, IL

Living Wills

The common misconception about estate planning is that it only covers how your property is going to be divided and how your loved ones are going to be provided for in the event of your death. This, however, is untrue as a large portion of estate planning also covers these things in the event you […]

What is in an Estate Plan in Collinsville, IL

Estate Plan

While creating an estate plan in Collinsville, IL can be a difficult process, hiring a qualified and experienced lawyer to assist you can make the process all the easier. Here is what you need to know about estate planning and what goes into making one. Living/Last Wills and Testaments A living will allow you to […]

Complex Estates & The Risks of DIY Estate Planning in Glen Carbon, IL

Estate Planning

We know how much people today in Glen Carbon, IL enjoy doing things themselves. Whether it’s remodeling a bathroom or writing a book, people tend to like to learn how to do things and try them on their own. However, things like your estate planning should not be done by yourself.  There are many reasons […]

How Filing for Bankruptcy Affects Estate Plans in Collinsville, IL

Estate Planning

A person in may find that debts are becoming overwhelming, which leaves them with no other choice but to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy allows for an individual to find relief from a large number of debts and enjoy a fresh start. However, if you file for bankruptcy in the Collinsville, IL this can affect your […]

Estate Planning and Death Delaying Medical Procedures in Edwardsville, IL

Estate Planning

Estate planning is something that commonly occurs in the Edwardsville, IL area. What many might not know is that estate planning includes more than just creating one’s will to figure out your method of what to do with their valuables after they have passed on. Estate Planning also deals with different future medical decisions that […]