• This attorney is the very best! And Vicky helps answer any questions. She is very friendly and always makes it a pleasure.

    Judy N

  • Recently had Jack as a GAL on our case between my 15 year old son and his father. Jack really cared about our situation and listened but also gave us lots of advise. Jack visited with us and talked extensively with my son, his older brother, as well as visiting and interviewing my ex-husband and his family. DFS didn't even do this when they dismissed my son's abuse allegations. The judge was surprised when Jack had recommended my son have a choice regarding his visitations with his father, but he said he said he trusted Jack's opinion and the visitation order was changed to show this. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome and appreciate him working with us.

    Jenna Barr

  • Jack gave me great advice, and was always right, even though I had my own thoughts. He is well versed in the law, and came through for me in my case. Thanks Jack.


  • Judy was great! When I first called Judy, I felt my world was turned upside down. Judy kept me completely up to date with everything in my case. Her level of expertise and confidence was phenomenal! I felt very comfortable every time after speaking with her. She was by far the best choice for me.


  • Jack was VERY upfront about any issues he thought my husband would have when he got his divorce and was helpful with many issues that came along with his ex-wife. He handled everything with great understanding and fixed a lot of issues we were going to have if my husband had not sought his advice.