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The Best Wills, Trusts, & Power of Attorney Lawyers in Edwardsville, Illinois

Take a proactive approach in planning for your future with a will, trust, and power of attorney lawyer in the Edwardsville, Illinois area. This requires planning, preparation, and decision-making. Action Law Center is here to help you plan for a secure future. Our law firm has experienced attorneys capable of securing your finances into legally binding documents like trusts and wills.

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The Benefits of Having a Will

The death of a loved one is an extremely difficult time, and nobody needs the additional burden of stress that is associated with determining how to handle the deceased’s assets. Establishing a will means that your wishes are being granted and it helps keep your family and loved ones protected.
An extreme misunderstanding is that you must have enormous wealth and assets to justify having a will. A will can do more than just establish the distribution of financial assets and property; it also names guardians to your children and pets and establishes an executor who carries out your wishes. Under the state law of Illinois, without a will, the distribution of your estate is determined by the courts.
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Understanding Different Trusts

We can also help you establish a comprehensive estate plan that includes multiple trusts and a will. Wills and trusts have separate responsibilities, but they coexist to make a thorough estate plan. A trust establishes a trustee who assumes ownership of your assets via trust. The trustee then provides for the beneficiaries from that established trust and manages it for them until they reach a certain age. There are different categories of trusts including:

Trusts are either revocable or irrevocable. If you have a revocable trust, the owner of the trust can make adjustments at any time. An irrevocable trust is a permit and the owner can’t change it. Establishing a trust can help protect your assets from public scrutiny, reduce estate taxes, and cover the distribution of your assets without the need of probate court.

What is a Power of Attorney?

Power of attorney gives someone the right to name an agent to make legal decisions regarding their health, finances, and property. This person must act in good faith and keep the person’s best interest in mind with every decision, especially when that person can’t make decisions for themselves. You can establish powers of attorney for property and health care. Contact our law firm today to discuss your options and learn about the proper course of action.

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If you wish to establish an estate plan, adjust your current one, or want to learn more about trusts, contact our estate planning attorneys near Edwardsville, Illinois, at Action Law Center. We offer a free legal consultation to learn about your wants and needs and get you started on the path towards achieving your legal goals.